MobileOffice Plus FAQ

If I wish to use MobileOffice Plus, what do I need to provide and be aware of?
You must have a working Hong Kong local mobile phone number that can receive and make calls and has access to the Internet via mobile data network (data network is required for initiating outbound calls, retrieving call history and changing call settings). You must also provide a valid Hong Kong address for emergency registration and email address for receiving the Service Confirmation email and voicemails.
If my address is not within HKBN network coverage, can I still apply for MobileOffice Plus?
Yes, No physical installation of telephone lines are needed.
How do I change password(s) and email address for Voicemail of MobileOffice Plus?
Please go to MobileOffice Plus User Portal and log in. Please select “Change User Password”, “Change Voice Mail Password” or “Change Email Address for Voicemail”.
If I wish to assign the same MobileOffice Plus account that is used by Staff A to Staff B, what should I do?
You must ask Staff A to UNINSTALL the MobileOffice Plus on his/her device and change the login password at MobileOffice Plus User Portal and use new password to log in on Staff B’s device.
Does MobileOffice Plus consume battery when it runs in the background?
Internet Call Mode consumes a little more battery when it is running in the background of iPhone, so it is highly recommended to use Mobile Call Mode for daily use unless you want to use VoIP calls (Internet calling).

Mobile Call Mode consumes very little energy when it runs in the background.
How much data is used for a phone call?
The table below provides the data usage estimation for reference only.

Mobile Call Internet Call
Data connection required for calls? Y
Only for placing outbound calls
Required for entire phone conversation
Initiate outgoing call Data usage: < 100KB
Phone conversation No data usage, only calling minutes of your phone ~6MB data usage for a 5-minute phone call
What devices are not supported by MobileOffice Plus?
The devices listed below are not supported by MobileOffice Plus at this stage:

Dell Asus Acer Samsung
  • Venue 8 (BB)
  • ZenFone 2
  • ZenFone 4 (ASUS_T00I)
  • ZenFone 5 (ASUS_T00J)
  • ZenFone 5 (ASUS_T00J1)
  • ZenFone 6 (ASUS_T00G)
  • ZenFone C
  • ZenFone Zoom
  • ASUS Fonepad 7 LTE (K00Y)
  • Fonepad HD7 (K00E)
  • Fonepad 7 (K012)
  • PadFone Xmini (ASUS-T00S)
  • MeMO Pad 7 ME572C (K007)
  • ASUS Transformer Pad (K010)
  • B1-730 (vespatn)
  • Galaxy Tab3 10.1 (santos10lte)
How would I know if an incoming call is from my MobileOffice Plus fixed line telephone number?
You need to turn ON Answer confirmation in the Call Settings > Mobility > Answer Confirmation to distinguish whether an incoming call is from your mobile network or fixed line network (your office phone number). When you answer an incoming call from your fixed line telephone number, you will hear an announcement asking you to press any key to confirm answering the call. When the incoming call is not from your fixed line telephone number, you will NOT hear such an announcement.
What is “Call Transfer”? Does this affect other features?
The “Call Transfer” option must be enabled if you wish to initiate a 3-way conference call. Please note when “Call Transfer” option is enabled, Call Waiting feature of your office phone number will be disabled.
What is Play Ring Reminder when a call is forwarded?
“Play Ring Reminder” option is only available for Infinite Voice users but not available to MobileOffice Plus users.
What is BCP? How can I utilize BCP of MobileOffice Plus?
BCP stands for Business Continuity Plan. If you have turned OFF the Mobility, the incoming call to your office phone number will follow the Call Forwarding (BCP) rule. The default destination is forwarded to your voicemail.
I have set “Call Forward - No Answer” to my office phone number’s voicemail, why is the unanswered incoming call to my office phone number forwarded to my mobile phone’s voicemail instead?
It may be due to the “Number of Rings” in “Call Forward - No Answer” being larger than your mobile phone operator’s value. That means your mobile phone operator’s voicemail is taking the unanswered call before MobileOffice Plus. If you wish to forward calls to your office phone number’s voicemail, we recommend that you try setting a smaller value of “Number of Rings” or enable “Answer Confirmation”. Please check your mobile phone operator about their number of ring values as different mobile operators have different values.
When MobileOffice Plus (signed in) runs in the background, will I be able to receive incoming calls to my office phone number with MobileOffice Plus?
For both iPhone and Android smartphone versions, and under both Internet Call Mode or Mobile Call Mode, you will still be able to receive incoming calls to your office phone number with the App.

*Please note that if you close MobileOffice Plus from iPhone’s multitasking (double-click the Home button) or Android’s recent App list (click the Overview button) under Internet Call Mode, you would not be able to receive calls to your office number until you open the MobileOffice Plus and log in again.
What are the system requirements for smartphones to enjoy MobileOffice Plus?
For iPhone user
iOS 8 or iOS 9running on iPhone 4S and later.

For Android user
Android OS 4 or later that conforms to the following requirements:
  • Dual-core CPU (or higher)
  • 1 GB RAM (or higher)
  • ARMv7 instruction set
  • Minimum screen resolution 320 x 480
What can I do if I do not want MobileOffice Plus to access my local contacts?
For iPhone user
Go to Settings and scroll down to look for “MobileOffice Plus”, then disable “Contacts”.
Or simply log in to MobileOffice Plus, go to Preferences > Caller ID Lookup and turn the feature OFF to stop the App from accessing your local address book to match Call History or Contacts results.

For Android user (Android OS 6.0 or above ONLY)
Go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > App Permissions > Contacts, look for “MobileOffice Plus” and disable.
I am an Android user, what should I do when MobileOffice Plus asks to (1) make and manage phone calls, (2) access your contacts, (3) record audio and (4) take pictures and record video?
This is a new setting in Android OS 6.0 or above only, it is called App permission. Android provides the flexibility for end users to control which Apps have permissions to access and modify information on your device.
Please note that you must ALLOW (1) make and manage phone calls and (3) record audio in order to make and receive calls via MobileOffice Plus. If you would like to browse your local contacts within MobileOffice Plus, please ALLOW (2) access to your contacts.


Permission [<item>] ALLOW permission? What does it do?
(1) Make and manage phone calls [Calls] MUST Enable phone call via App
(2) Access your contacts [Contacts] Optional Browse your local contacts within App
(3) Record audio [Microphone] MUST Use the device’s microphone for phone call
(4) Take picture and record video [Camera] Optional Not necessary
I am an Android user, what should I do when MobileOffice Plus asks “Do not optimize battery usage”?
You MUST choose YES in order to allow MobileOffice Plus to run in the background.
I am an iPhone user, what type of device access should I set for MobileOffice Plus?
Go to Settings and scroll down to look for “MobileOffice Plus”. It is recommended that you allow MobileOffice Plus to access all the items: Contacts, Microphone, Notifications, Background App Refresh and Mobile Data.