IDD 0030 FAQ

What is IDD 0030?
IDD 0030 is an international direct dial service of HKBN.
How to use IDD 0030 Service?
User can first dial 0030 and then press the country code, area code and local telephone number (no area code is required for dialing mobile phone number). If using fixed line telephone/fax, press [#] and if using mobile, press either [OK] or [Call].
When can I use after registering IDD 0030 Service?
The IDD 0030 service will be activated within 2 days upon successful registration. A confirmation letter will also be sent to customer starting the effective date.
If I want to cancel IDD 0030 Service, what should I do?
If you are not using IDD 0030 Service and did not dial any telephone number through IDD 0030, we will not apply any charges to you. However, if you decide to cancel the service, please call Customer Service Hotline at 128 180.
What should I do if I want to add another telephone number in using IDD 0030 service?
You can call Customer Service Hotline at 128 180.
What kind of telephone can be used for IDD 0030 Service?
All fixed-line telephone/mobile phones can register and use IDD 0030 Service. In other words, any telephone number that starts with 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 can use IDD 0030 Service.
What do you mean by local fixed line number?
Local fixed line number can be defined as local home in overseas or company telephone.
How to set up the IDD Lock?
You can call your dedicated account manager or Customer Service Hotline 128 180 to get the request form.
How do I check the charge details of IDD0030 & my usage on IDD ?
You can login to MYACCOUNT to view the service details of IDD0030, charge details of making international call to different regions and your IDD usage.