Easy-to-use online fax service


HKBN i2Fax allows customers to enjoy portable fax-in and fax-out services in an efficient and safe way over our advanced network

Features and Benefits

Double Secure

Instant mobile voice alert and email notification will be received once a new fax message arrives

Easy to Use

Electronic copies of important fax messages can be easily stored with a single email web interface. Scanners are no longer required for filing

Environmentally- friendly

Paper consumption is reduced by screening fax messages for printing

How It Works

Online Fax Service

Fax messages can be received, set, monitored and managed via the Internet – without a fax machine. Internet access and an active email address is all that’s needed.

Wide-ranging File Support

Commonly used file formats including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, GIF, PDF, TIFF and TXT are supported. Fax messages can be easily sent by uploading files to i2Fax Interface.

Double Assurance with Dual Fax-in

Dual Fax-in function enables delivering fax messages to a designated fax machine and an email box simultaneously. Avoid information loss caused by errors of the fax machine or the email server, ensuring all business opportunities will not be missed.

Instant Alerts of New Fax Messages

Instant mobile voice alert and email notification will be received once a new fax message arrives.

Fax Messages Obtained Anytime

Receive facsimiles anytime in Hong Kong and avoid missing important messages.

Handling Incoming & Outgoing Anonymous Fax Messages

Anonymous Fax Blocking function helps eliminate nuisance or anonymous junk fax messages. All incoming fax messages without callers fax ID will be rejected. For outgoing fascimiles, fax numbers on OFCA’s Do-not-call Registers can be filtered automatically via the Fax Compliance Manager service – ensuring easy compliance when conducting fax promotions.

Reduced Operating Costs

Fax machines, fax paper and toners are no longer required. Fax line rental charge will be a thing of the past!

Share Fax Messages via Email

Fax-in and fax-out via email enables customers to forward and share messages with business partners or friends. This is particularly convenient for busy travelers with no access to fax machines.


With more fax messages screened in advance, paper consumption is greatly reduced.