HR Pro®

One-stop human resources management solution


HKBN HR Pro® is an enterprise-grade Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that provides a one-stop solution to drive human capital from efficiency to excellence for companies of all sizes.
The award-winning HR Pro® enables professionals to achieve successful people management with enhanced capability, agility and reliability.

Features and Benefits

Secure Access

Automated and Streamlined HR Processes

Routine administration and talent management are automated to streamline HR processes throughout the entire lifecycle of every employee, significantly reducing time and administrative costs
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Error-free Calculations

Stringent compliance with laws, employment ordinances plus user-defined rules ensure accurate payroll management, fringe benefits and reward distribution
Comprehensive Reporting

Self-service Platform

Compatible with tablets and mobile devices, this latest innovation enables agile management anytime, anywhere. Customers can benefit from streamlined HR service delivery processes and automated approval workflows
Secure Access

Comprehensive Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring of human capital management with end-user reporting and multi-dimensional human resources diagnostics. Fact-based workforce analysis are facilitated for strategic planning and informed decision making
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All-in-one HRMS

All-inclusive and ever-advancing HRMS incorporates all essential and advanced capacities from talent administration to business analytics
Comprehensive Reporting

ISO Certified Security

Employee P-files and HR-related data are all recorded from one convenient place, and protected by our ISO certified security management services

Services for Different HRM Needs

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Talent Administration and Payroll Management

Automation of employee administration to enhance efficiency of daily routines.
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PRC Payroll

Consolidation of PRC accounts in the all-in-one HR Pro®.
Comprehensive Reporting

Employee Self-service Portal

Self-service portal that supports web browser and mobile app helps employees to streamline HR service delivery and automate approval workflows.
Secure Access

Training Management

Strategic talent management is facilitated to maintain sustainable talent pipelines.
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Attendance Management

Flexible solution enhances capability of attendance management.
Comprehensive Reporting

Managerial Strategic Analysis

Analyses HR data to make timely HR decisions for company growth.
Comprehensive Reporting

Performance Appraisal Management

All-round appraisal assessments are made for greater human capital growth.