PC Secure

Endpoint security solution that strengthens the last line of defense against cyber attacks


HKBN PC Secure combines advanced threat protection technology and management tools powered by McAfee. With PC Secure, enterprise computers are armed with effective endpoint security solutions. As security increasingly becoming a priority, it’s time for enterprises to fortify their cyber-defence and stay insulated from cyber-attacks in complex network environments.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Security

Integrated protection that incorporates anti-malware, firewall, web, email, and device control in a single solution

Cutting-edge Intelligence

Combining machine learning with dynamic threat intelligence that responds immediately to malicious activities

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlined workflows help simplify security management

Hotline Services

Round-the-clock hotline services provide professional support

Additional Information

  • Multi-layered anti-malware threat prevention
  • Integrated firewall protecting endpoints covering Botnets, DDoS attacks, untrusted executables, advanced persistent threats, and risky web connections
  • Web browsing control protecting endpoints by web filtering
  • Threat intelligence protecting company-wide security components
  • Unified console for centralised information security operations and management

Technology Provider