Centralised and streamlined management of diversified WAN connectivity services


HKBN SDWAN service renders WAN deployment with high flexibility and scalability. By optimising network infrastructure, network administrators can ride on the easy-to-use centralised portal to manage WAN around-the-clock. Conquer the complexity of managing WAN with multiple connectivity services to realise substantial cost efficiency. This service also coordinates and scales up enterprise networks and cloud connectivity through automation, increased resiliency and agility.

Features and Benefits

Secure Access

Advanced Routing

Backed by state-of-the-art routing techniques, HKBN SDWAN services dynamically selects the best route based on the configured WAN deployment. With SDWAN, users can customise business-critical applications and specified software to optimise bandwidth utilisation.
Quality Network

Network Backup and Recovery

Hybridise multiple connectivity types (e.g. MetroNet, Business Broadband and 4G Mobile Service) to form a network architecture of high availability
Comprehensive Reporting

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Be on top of network anomalies with 24/7 monitoring and alerts
Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed Reports

Dedicated user portal provides detailed reports to help network administrators know what’s happening on their network

How It Works

SDWAN optimises enterprise network architecture with integrated network management technology. Seamless WAN deployments can be achieved with multi-connectivity services, and network security can be strengthened through Unified Threat Management (UTM).

WTT SDWAN Architecture