Securities and Derivatives Network (SDNet/2)

Enabling high-speed network connection to HKEX’s critical trading platforms


Backed by state-of-the-art fibre-optic network, HKBN Securities and Derivatives Network (SDNet/2) provides a network connection with high-speed access to HKEX’s critical trading platforms. HKBN is an accredited vendor and technology partner of HKEX.

Features and Benefits

Secure Access

Proven Expertise

Proven experience in SDNet backbone project with HKEX gives SDNet/2 customers the assurance they need
Quality Network

100% Network Technique Compatibility

Accredited Ethernet solution is 100% compatible and adopted for HKEX SDNet backbone
Comprehensive Reporting

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Multiple monitoring interfaces provide 24/7 real-time proactive monitoring, health check and network management

Mobile app for Circuit Monitoring

Mobile app for iOS and Android provides users instant notifications from any incident of their SDNET/2 circuits.

High Service Performance and Network Resiliency
Average Round Trip Delay < 1.5ms (25km Radius of HKEX TKO NGDC)
Client Circuit Availability 99.999%
Fault Response Time < 5 minutes
Fault Restoration Time Trading/Online Hours (±1 hour): < 1 hour
Circuit Diversity Dual Circuit will go through different network centres and access exchange via separate fibre paths
Network Resiliency No single point of failure inside our network centres and access exchanges
Circuit Failover Time < 1 second (based on lab test result)