Web Conferencing

Multimedia conferencing service that facilitates ideas and data sharing


HKBN Web Conferencing is an integrated conferencing solution of voice, data and video content, giving users an ultimate multimedia conferencing experience. This service is perfect for large-scale conferences, one-to-many seminars or small collaborative working sessions.

Features and Benefits

More efficient Decision-making

Better decision-making is facilitated by multimedia conferencing and information sharing

Strict Security

Secure environment with access control and 128-bit SSL encryption

Comprehensive Solution

Feature-rich solution for different business needs

Value-added Services for Different Business Needs

Access Management

When access is granted, participants can view, control and modify the presentation.

File Transfer

Participants can easily upload and download files.

Desktop Sharing

Participants can share their desktop screen with others in conference

Remote Technical Support

With participants' approval, technical personnel can access the PC to provide remote technical support.


Whiteboard for all participants to take notes or draw charts.


Participants can send text messages to the entire audience or privately to a specific member of the conference.

Real-time Polling

Survey can be created online with the results displayed instantly.

Document Sharing

PowerPoint files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other files such as JPG and PDF can be easily shared online.