Audio Conferencing

Simple and easy-to-use voice conferencing


HKBN Audio Conferencing provides bespoke conferencing solutions to facilitate different types of business meetings and presentations.

Features and Benefits


Flexible and customised solution supports various types of business meetings anytime, anywhere


With no advanced equipment required, a telephone is all that’s needed

Easy to Use

Hassle-free services allow customers to concentrate on doing business, and not technical complications

Professional Services for Different Business Needs

Operator assisted conferencing for management or client meetings offers added assurance and professionalism so that every call is seamless. This solution also provides a suite of value-added services to enhance the communication experience.

Operator Assisted Dial-in

Operators confirm the passcode of callers and start meetings.

Operator Assisted Dial-out

Operators dial-out to participants and start meetings.

Operator Monitoring

Multilingual operators take care of:

  • Participant roll calls
  • Sound quality issues
  • Disconnected participants
  • Immediate troubleshooting
  • Recording services
  • Press " * 0 " for immediate assistance

Toll Free Access

Toll free access is available across key worldwide locations.

Lecture Mode Conferencing

Using lecture mode conferencing, one speaker is enabled for presentation to multiple listeners. This hybrid solution is ideal for company reports, IPOs or result announcements, where experienced operators can host the calls.

Lecture mode conferencing is suitable for:

  • large groups of participants
  • Participants who are located all over the world
  • Formal introduction of speakers
  • Online web presentation - Question and answer session
  • Instant replay recording
  • Participants report

A cost-effective and self-service solution for customers to make conference calls on their own.

Service features:

  • Self-service embedded with automated features
  • Participants simply dial-in and enter a PIN
  • Dedicated dial-in number for the Company
  • Single or double PIN entry option
  • Entry and exit tones indicating participants' connection status
  • Meeting can be started only by assigned leader (if any)
  • Meeting can be ended only by assigned leader (if any)

Instant Replay

Passcode is required to replay automatically recorded meetings anytime.

Toll Free Instant Replay

Participants in the UK and US can enjoy the Instant Replay service without being extracharged.

Instant Replay Voice Capture

Instant Replay service allows customers to replay the caller's name, company, contact number and any other information.

Soundfile Recording

Meetings are recorded in digital soundfile format that will be sent through the Internet. We can also back the meetings up in CD format.

Blast Voicemail

Delivering two or three-minute messages to your client’s voicemail box.

Notification of Meeting

Notify participants of scheduled meetings via voicemail, fax or e-mail.


Conferences are transcribed into diskettes or hard copies.