Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitor your important assets through simple and easy digital transformations


HKBN Internet of Things (IoT) offers a one-stop solution for monitoring important physical assets. It is simple to setup, and covers everything from sensors and connectivity to a management portal and remote application.

Features and Benefits

One-Stop Solution

Setup is easy and hassle-free, with sensors that connect to the network through our centralised cloud platform

Controllable Costs

One monthly fee with no payment required up front

Single Platform

Monitor multiple sensors and locations with one extendable platform

Long Battery Life

Sensors feature long-range connectivity with low power consumption

How It Works

Device name: SimpleLeak
Brand: SimpleHW from Czech Republic

Usage IoT Benefits
Stores and warehouses with on-site inventory (e.g. electronics, dried seafood and tonic food, pet supplies) Identify leaks early, preventing inventory and profit loss due to water and related damage
Plumbing and bathrooms in mid-sized restaurants Ensure a pleasant and sanitary experience for customers

Device name: Connected AirWits
Brand: Connected Finland from Finland

Usage IoT Benefits
Shops in older buildings, which are prone to water seepage and high humidity Optimise dehumidifier use, saving energy and costs while ensuring a positive shopping experience free from humidity-related odours or discomfort
Shopping malls and stores using older air conditioning systems with inconstant temperature controls Reduce the need for manual monitoring, improving efficiency while saving on labour costs

Device name: SimplePack Plus
Brand: SimpleHW from Czech Republic

Usage IoT Benefits
Entrances, gates and back doors in large industrial warehouses and commercial buildings Provide stable, long-range monitoring, improving security and allowing for swift response to unauthorised access attempts