Infinite Wi-Fi

Scalable and secure end-to-end cloud-based Wi-Fi solution


HKBN Infinite Wi-Fi is a total, cloud-based Wi-Fi network management solution. Eliminating the need for upfront hardware investments (and significantly reduce maintenance costs), Infinite Wi-Fi delivers responsive scalability, expandability and manageability that can evolve to match the needs of any business. Through the Cloud, applications and information are accessible from any device, with customisable authentication for employees, clients and guests.

Features and Benefits

Streamlined IT Structure

Streamlined IT Structure

HKBN’s offsite hosting and management of necessary IT infrastructure minimises need for hardware and manpower resources
Flexibly Sizes Up

Flexibly Sizes Up

Wi-Fi access can be controlled to match staffing and business needs
Future-proof Solution

Future-proof Solution

On-going firmware and application upgrades ensure up-to-date features are delivered
Dedicated Broadband

Dedicated Broadband

Separated broadband operates independent from a company’s existing network, improving security, bandwidth throughput and data transfer capacity
Multiple Authentication Options

Multiple Authentication Options

Separate WLAN accounts provide secure access to mission-critical business applications

How It Works

Service Offered Service Hardware
  • Dedicated 100Mbps# broadband line
  • Multiple Wi-Fi access authentication options
  • Customisable login page & landing page
  • Web-based administrative portal for user management
  • Bundled with single-login HKBN Wi-Fi hotspot access for outdoor mobility
  • Access point installation using industrial standard CAT5e wiring
  • Support 2 SSIDs for different Wi-Fi access authentication options
  • Broadband Router
  • Ruckus R300 / R500 Access
    Point with PoE Injector

# 100Mbps broadband service upload/download speed (from the wallplate at customer's premises to HKIX) is guaranteed to be no less than 80Mbps, otherwise twice the amount of the relevant broadband service fee charged for the dates affected calculated on a pro-rata basis will be paid back in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions of the 100M Steady Speed Guarantee. Service guarantee on broadband service is applicable to 100Mbps business broadband service which is 1) provided by Hong Kong Broadband Network or 2) newly installed by HKBN Enterprise Solutions on or after Sept 1, 2016. Applicability of service guarantee is based on service agreement. Please click here for details.

HKBN Wi-Fi Service is provided by HKBN Group Limited. Each Wi-Fi service location may include different numbers of hotspots.