Infinite Backup

Comprehensive data protection with reliable and secure backup


Highly cost effective, HKBN Infinite Backup is an advanced agent-based cloud backup solution designed to provide Small and Medium Businesses with data protection for desktops and notebooks.

Features and Benefits

Super Secure Encryption

Super Secure Encryption

All data is 256-bit encrypted with an encryption key. Data backup through a secure SSL channel is optionally available to further increase security
Offsite Protection

Offsite Protection

With storage handled in a remote facility, data will not be affected by malicious threats and is readily available for restore
Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic

Data backup is automatically run on schedule with no error-prone human intervention required after initial setup
Fast Backup Applications

Fast Backup Applications

Backup agent is equipped with the latest speed optimising technologies, such as multi-threading, In-File Delta, fast indexing, small files optimisation, etc.

How It Works

Data is copied, compressed, 256-bit encrypted and transferred offsite to the cloud, with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology optionally available for enhanced security

Data in desktops and notebooks are transferred to backup server for data backup or restore.

Data is stored at a Tier 3+ data centre adhering to world-class international standards that include:

  • ISO 27001:2005
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • 20000-1:2005
  • FISC
  • TIA-942
  • Level II security guidelines issued by HKSAR Government.