Cloud XConnect - AWS Direct Connect

Private & low latency network connectivity between on-premise infrastructure and Amazon Web Services


HKBN Cloud XConnect - AWS Direct Connect provides private and low latency network connectivity between customers' on-premise infrastructure and Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides leading cloud services to support business globally, and HKBN is an APN Technology Partner providing one-stop AWS Direct Connect service to help customers optimise their use of the hybrid cloud environment. Through an extensive fibre network, organisations can establish up to 10Gbps connectivity to AWS.

Features and Benefits

Low Latency

Enjoy optimised network performance with low latency

Private Interface

Private interface to AWS VPC for appropriate workloads


Data transfer costs are reduced

One-stop Service

One-stop account management and billing services

How It Works

CLICK HERE to learn more about AWS Direct Connect Resiliency

Link Aggregation Groups

If more data transfer throughput is needed, multiple connections (or ports) between enterprise and the DX location may be set up to create Link Aggregation Groups (LAG). After setting this up, traffic is load-balanced across the ports at the level of individual packet flows. All ports are simultaneously active and are represented by a single BGP session.

Direct Connect Gateway

To establish connectivity that spans Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) across multiple AWS Regions, customers no longer need to establish multiple BGP sessions for each VPC. Direct Connect Gateway reduces administrative workload as well as the load on network devices. This feature allows customers to connect to any of the participating VPCs from any Direct Connect location, further reducing the costs of using AWS services across worldwide regions.