Cloud Protect

Cloud-based protection against cyber attacks


HKBN Cloud Protect provides a full range of cloud-based protection for an organisation’s broadband network. Customised firewall policies help to fend off various attacks and threats. Without additional built-in security equipment or infrastructure, customers can enjoy a hassle-free and secured Internet environment.

Features and Benefits

Plug and Play

No additional security equipment is required

Rigorous Security

Attacks are blocked at the core network’s edge before entering customer LAN

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Network is monitored and managed round-the-clock by certified professionals

How It Works


  • Block/allow defined ports
  • Block/allow defined IP addresses
  • Pre-set profiles for fast deployment, even with no knowledge
  • Allow customised settings

(Intrusion Prevention System)

  • Scan traffic
  • Identify and block traffic of known attacks

Web Filtering

  • Prevent malicious attacks from websites
  • Define categories of websites
  • Maintain up-to-date cloud-based database
  • Define blacklist/whitelist of websites
  • Execute role-based and time-based control


  • Block outbound Botnet connection

Monthly Security Report

  • Generate monthly reports of security performance