Cloud Monitoring

Cloud-based unified network and cloud performance monitoring solution


HKBN Cloud Monitoring enables customers to streamline IT infrastructure management. With a unified monitoring solution, organisations can perform troubleshooting across platforms and monitor the performance and healthiness of their IT infrastructure in multiple locations or the cloud environment.

Features and Benefits

Simple Management

Centralise sources in one screen to simplify infrastructure monitoring management

Instant Monitoring

Receive detailed alerts regarding abnormalities to enhance the efficiency of troubleshooting

Wide-ranging Device Support

Monitoring service supports IT equipment of common brands and HKBN FibreCloud

Scale On-demand

Scalable platform allows the addition of equipment and virtual machines (VM) for monitoring at anytime

How It Works

  • Availability and utilisation monitoring of customer-premises equipment and FibreCloud virtual machines (VM)
  • Web portal with dashboard clearly displays alert summary, utilisation and availability
  • iOS and Android compatible mobile app
  • Service access control: Account Admins & Read-only Users
  • Alert notifications by SMS, email & mobile app pop-up 1 2
  • Automatic monthly reports
  • Monitoring data retained for up to 12 months 3
  • Optional trend forecast projection for VM monitoring


  1. Availability of SMS alert is subject to the performance of user’s mobile network.
  2. Using Cloud Monitoring service’s mobile app requires a stable Wi-Fi or Internet connection which may incur data charges from the user’s mobile operator.
  3. Customer’s data will be removed and cannot be recovered if the service is terminated or suspended.